The Garrett


One of the biggest, busiest, and the most eclectic cities in the world—New York is filled with people from all races, ethnicities, economic backgrounds, and genders. Deep down in the corners of famous restaurants and buildings, you will find secret bars and lounges which used to be accessible only with a secret password by the city’s elite.

The four way intersection of Bleecker St. and Barrow St., in the neighbourhood of Greenwich Village, hosts the popular fast food burger place—Five Guys. The back corner at this place has a staircase that ushers you into a smaller bar, if you are used to the ones New York usually offers.

The Garret, established back in March 2014, quickly became know as the “Speakeasy above Five Guys”. Its interesting ambience accentuated by the sky roof, wooden tables, dim lighting and erotic melody of photos on its black exposed brick walls, constitutes a sexy bar. The random crowd on a daily basis has made The Garret a place where everyone is welcomed. “We have business men here right after work hours, people on the street who want to grab a quick drink, and tourists from all over Europe and Australia. Tourists probably come here just because of the fact that it’s a speakeasy.” (Nick, the bartender)

One of their regular bartenders shook up some of the house cocktails they have this season, and even put his own twist on some of the original drinks. From Infused Bourbon to Aged Cachaca and Classic Tequila - The Garret isn't shy on making you feel like you're there for an experience. “The Refinery and the First Lady are pretty popular because they're pretty drinks” (Nick, the bartender). The experimental mixes of matcha, eggs whites and gin may seem strange especially when the green colour reminds you of a mix of veggies blended together, but the drink surprises many and speaks for itself with its unique taste. The beer on tap is always refreshing in the summer, and their sophisticated offering of wines is tempting for a colder Fall day.

Though The Garret has been stirring up cocktails at its location for almost four years now, the curiosity of diners at Five Guys fuels an everyday mystery. “People take interest to the people going upstairs, always asking what’s up there,” (Jane, Five Guys). The fancily dressed, laid back party goers lined up against the restaurant’s wall, blocking the condiments, tend to pique people's attention. “It is the greatest place, when they close we close, they are really great people! They definitely bring us more customers. Everyday, the customers upstairs leave drunk, they come down and get food, they don't have to go anywhere.” (Joshua, Five Guys). A symbiotic relationship between this fine burger place, and the handsome speakeasy continues to thrive, much to the delight of patrons and associated employees.

The spaces together almost offer an ideal night - going to a bar that serves signature drinks, nodding to good music, amidst great people, then being able to grab a burger on your way out. Living it up in New York City is an experience of a lifetime. The promise of a speciality cocktail at a warm and cozy space that’s one of its kind makes The Garrett what it is.