Udaipur - More than lakes & palaces

Romantic old-world charm, soothing lakes, and fairy-tale palaces are what draw so many visitors to Udaipur, known as the City of Lakes. But Udaipur isn’t just about lakes and palaces. 

To get a real feel of Udaipur and its old world charm, take a heritage walk along its winding thoroughfares. Chock-a-bloc with beautiful marble palaces, ancient temples, bright and colourful havelis with facades of intricate jharokas, there is a temple at every turn and every house along the way has walls adorned with frescos in the miniature painting style of the region. 

Lake City Udaipur
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There are boards everywhere directing you to the next point of interest on the walk, be it a ghat, a haveli, a palace or even a museum. Of these, the Ghangaur Ghat with its imposing gateway and stunningly white Jagdish Mandir are the most striking. The city palace is too, in its flamboyance. 

Gangaur Ghat Udaipur
Pichola Lake
Best Café and Restaurant in Udaipur

As you walk along the narrow crooked streets, you will realise just how popular Lake Pichola is with tourists. All the luxury hotels too, are built in and around this lake. Every other building here proudly proclaiming its rooftop cafe & restaurant with a view of the lake. One such small but slick cafe by water's edge is known as Jheel's Ginger Coffee Bar.

Jheel's Ginger Coffee Bar & Bakery Udaipur

Set upon the lake famously filmed in James Bond's Octopussy, the real drawcard for foreign tourists to meet at Jheel's is the opportunity to sit on the edge of Lake Pichola and drink espresso- shaken or stirred- but definitely delicious. Besides the coffee, the menu is definitely worth trying and the cafe is famous for its paneer tikka sandwiches and pizzas

Coffee Bar in Udaipur
Hello Boho Udaipur

Another place that deserves a mention in your to-do list is this new cafe named ‘HELLO BOHO’. Built in a soothing, peaceful aura, and providing a tranquil view of Pichola Lake, its Ghats and mountains around, Boho Cafe is rejuvenating. 

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Not so big in size, but the café has enough space and special corners to cater your own personal time and some amazing group times too. Every corner is quintessentially decorated with fine artistic things. Vibrant colors, antique materials, and rustic furniture beautify the place. Right after entering inside, you’ll initially spend some time adoring and analyzing every piece decorated here.

Jaisinghgarh Hotel Kabab Mistri
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One nice place to enjoy a sumptuous dinner is Kabab Mistri at Jaisinghgarh Hotel by famous Chef Vimal Dhar. An excellent roof top property with extremly high levels of efficiency and piping hot great food in plateloads! You can be treated to live ghazals or old film songs depending on the weeknight! Not at all expensive, considering the huge size of fried or tandoori dishes on the menu.

Kebab Mistri Jaisingh Garh Hotel Udaipur ArtShouldTempt Picture 13
Kebab Mistri Jaisingh Garh Hotel Udaipur ArtShouldTempt Picture 14