Yasmin Karachiwala

“Positivity breeds positivity,” says India’s first BASI certified Pilates trainer, Yasmin Karachiwala, while asking us to be the best version of ourselves.

She joined an Aerobics class on a gumption that she is going to be the best at it, prior experiences not withstanding. Her determination led to her thoroughly enjoying the activity, without realising how good she is turning out to be. It was on her instructor’s insistence that she took up an opportunity to instruct a class and there has been no looking back.

Her immense success as a fitness trainer and popularity amongst the B-town celebrities comes through an unassuming, sincere approach towards the work at hand. Yasmin loves her work, and that sends the best of it towards her way. She travels widely to health & fitness conferences and continues to learn, never giving in to the complacency trap, thus competing only with herself. “Every time I’m abroad, I feel I’m only at the tip of the iceberg.”


When Yasmin is faced with something she cannot do, she makes it a project to overcome that limitation. When she became a trainer, the prospect of speaking in front of a crowd gave her jelly legs. Releasing her book offered a similar struggle. With a set jaw, she sailed past them all.

Yasmin sources inspiration from her clients and their willingness to go the extra mile in achieving their fitness goals. It was Pervez Mistry who nudged Yasmin to be a personal trainer, and she is grateful she took the leap.


She runs a packed schedule and a set routine - between her personal clients, train the trainer sessions, managing her own studio and master franchisees - and time for her husband and two sons. Yasmin works on creating new workouts when she gets a chance, taking notes and some more, ensuring a constant evolution in her work style and techniques - striving towards better results.

Yasmin is centered, and understands that a lot depends on the sense of being - on how people make us feel, on how we react to daily situations - and she underlines the need to be compassionate. “When I’m having a bad day, I just need some ‘me’ time and a great workout,” and she extends the courtesy to her clients too. Her brand studios make one feel welcome, with remembering client names and preferences, with a clean reception and happy smiles.

Written by Sushrut Munje

Photographed by Blake D'Silva

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