Monica Bassi on finding your calling and living it

A sprawling chat with this motivational speaker, producer, TV show host and a blogger promises to leave one with wonder and inspiration. An effective communicator with a strong work ethic, her enviable resume has been built on enterprise, initiative and a desire to step outside of the cubicle. Meet Monica Bassi, a loving mom to a darling daughter.

Born and brought up across Toronto, Tampa and Manhattan - her family moved around quite a bit and she ended up going to 9 schools before attending university. This played a role in shaping her identity, and helped her adapt fairly quickly to changes that life threw at her. Skipping the final year of high school, she joined university at the age of 16 and entered corporate America on graduation. She had to shoulder heavy responsibilities at a young age. While most young adults were moving out on their own and fulfilling their goals, Monica was working multiple jobs to pay off a mortgage. Independent and ambitious, she tried her hand at everything from a speed dating business to bartending.

Monica Bassi
The key is to be one with the chaos.

A magician behind the mic, she had experience being the MC at weddings and corporate events. A push was all that was required for Monica to consider this as a full time career choice. Signing up on an online talent aggregator was the first step, and she has not looked back since. She worked on opportunities at mass media in parallel and has projects with Zee TV and B4U under her belt. Monica is now keen to produce and host a show with TV Asia.

Her perspective towards her life is not unlike a well organized bookshelf. One with a rich variety of books, indicating tempered chaos. Yet, with distinct serenity since the chaos is under control and present, so we may borrow lessons. A bookshelf that radiates warmth and adorns a favorite wall, striking the right balance, inviting exploration and calmness together. Monica is brimming with energy as an individual, and lives a calm, focused life. “The key is to be one with the chaos.”

Monica Bassi motivational speaker

Consistency, tenacity, preparation and empathy have been the eye opening lessons from her journey till date. “There is no such thing as being over-prepared.” As a communicator, Monica understands the human need to be acknowledged and inspired. Through her talks, she addresses the natural inclination towards hope and positivity. “There is no substitute for a human connection.”

Monica Bassi producer

She is inspired by her adorable daughter. “I want her to find her calling and live it.” Monica thanks her own upbringing for the discipline flawlessly instilled in her life as an iconoclast and a mother. “It is when I moved to Manhattan that I started to believe anything is possible. The energy of that city is next level (sic). Almost everyone I meet is working on multiple things and carry themselves with an unshakeable confidence. It’s infectious! New York City has allowed me to dream big!”

With an all or nothing attitude, Monica has big plans. She believes everyone has it in them to succeed. She cherishes the memory of her mother being happy to see her on TV. Close to her family and with a work schedule that wonderfully plays around her husband’s, she clearly lives the best of both worlds. It is often a story of hardship that makes us all what we are. Crafting hers into a compassionate tale to live by, Monica moves from strength to strength. “The key is to be myself.”