Pradyumna Singh Manot

A prolific jazz pianist, Pradyumna finds himself at home with the world through all expression allowed by the 12 keys of music.

His early exposure to music led to a natural bonding, and the child took to the keys with an unmatched passion at the age of 6. Treating a piano with a joy akin to that of holding a favorite toy, Pradyumna learned music with utmost discipline and grace - giving numerous recitals and solo performances at concerts while being barely an adult. A man of few words, he is surely a purist.

One cannot abandon tradition to pursue modernity, it has to be an evolution through education of what has been. This adds a certain depth.

Along with his wife, Pradyumna leads 12 Keys School of Music as an educationist, where both of them are partners with complementary roles. He is a staunch believer of diligent practice and preparation.

Any musician, with enough hard work, can achieve international appeal. You are a tool that needs to be sharpened, and sharpened further, every single day.

We understand how Jazz is not unlike a conversation, with individual musicians listening in and contributing real time, a test and an adventure in itself. He enjoys the extempore that only seems scripted - a visual spectacle of well trained skillsets coming together after 10,000 hours of musical practice - a smooth synchronisation of individual voices willingly stepping in to create a harmony.

It is an easy conversation, for his modest self gives subtle hints on his worldview and takes a pause for the writer to pop up with the next question. What is evident, is his holistic perspective for everything in life - for everything comes together and fits in just right for him - it is the beauty all across that contributes to his joy of living, which is then translated into love, laughter and music. He exists on a compassionate plane, the universal one - playing a melody on the major scale.

Written by Sushrut Munje

Photographed by Blake D'Silva