Nejc Polovsak

Motion | Design | Direction

Nejc Polovsak has built a reputation for creating some of the most beautiful motion graphics on the web today. He is based in Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia. Nejc has had 8 years of experience in the industry, in which the last 5, he has freelanced. He is better known as his alias- twistedpoly.

Motion graphics is a field which is purely imaginative form of digital art, where, every element has to be digitally painted or designed, by using a Wacom device, or a the age-old mouse. Motion graphics and animation is used widely in today’s film and advertising industry.

Nejc Polovsak
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Nejc started playing around with 3D graphics as a hobby, in high-school. He never had any kind of formal education in graphics or animation. In fact, he was a computer science student in college. Most of the knowledge he has, comes from the online tutorials and the self projects and immense interest towards this hobby. He says that he learns as he works, trying out new techniques, and learning them, as he uses them. Nejc started by using Maya, and learnt all the basic 3D stuff there. Post 2006, he shifted to Cinema 4D, after winning its license at an online competition. Photoshop and After Effects, are the other two softwares, which he uses regularly.

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 He spent his first four years of job, in the industry, as  a full time employee. It did not involve a lot of motion graphics, but a mix of game design and VFX and animation work. He wanted to explore animation/mograph work, and since he couldn’t find a full time job anywhere around EU- he started freelancing. He says that freelancing gave him the freedom to do his own stuff, experiment with the different techniques, and choose his own clients and projects which gave him a global exposure.

Apart, from his work, he really is a traveller and explorer at heart, and is a pizza-lover. Nejc says that very people can pronounce his name the correct way. It pronounces exactly as “Nate’s” sound in English. 

While traveling, he takes a lot of pictures. Inspiration, as per Nejc, can come from anywhere and anything and believes that, ideas or concepts are the things, that happen in the head, but design and aesthetics are inspired by something else. He frequents sites, like Pinterest and Behance, to get inspired by the work of other artists. This is one reason, why his work has a such a unique style, yet so dynamic. Nejc, does not use stock images, but shoots every image, and footage and works on them. 

Twistedpoly’s beautiful art, and creative lighting is something every artist awes at. It is wonder how someone without formal education about design can be so creative. He says that there is no shortcut or tricks, but the only trick is to ‘really really work hard’ and to be ‘really passionate’. There is no time wasted experimenting and exploring stuff. Nejc Polovask is from a generation of digital artists, and his work will keep on inspiring a new breed of artists to come.

Thanks to Motionworks and School of Motion for their interviews with Nejc Polvask.