Nathan Bolger

If you can design one thing, you can design everything.
— Massimo Vignelli

Easier said than done. As Nathan Bolger delves into his journey till date, we understand how design inspiration can be sourced from various stimuli all around us, and how a common thread binds all creative acts. What makes this 22 year old multidisciplinary designer stand apart, is the boundless energy and optimism showing through even his text replies. It is evident that here is a man with a mission, a man who takes everything in his stride and aligns it with a larger personal goal. At an age where most of us are still deciding on a career path, Nathan offers a rare clarity, a reassuring humility and clear ambition.

Nathan Bolger
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Nathan grew up in Ferrybank (Ireland), in a loving environment which offered him extensive exposure to music, cinema and art. His first brush with communication design and interconnected genres was through movie posters at a store, which he used to match up and categorize based on self determined parameters. ‘The College Dropout’ by Kanye West introduced him to the concept of ‘art disruption’, where one mixes different styles of art to create something new. Right from childhood, the process of creating any art form drew a keen audience from Nathan Bolger.

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On choosing to graduate from a design school, he worked with Adobe through their ‘Made by Students’ program in New York - which opened up the door to a diverse culture and immense opportunities. He chose to focus on visual communication during the advent of the internet and smartphones. Thanks to his college course, he had access to multiple design directions thus helping him work on everything from websites to print.

Being inspired with an idea is only half the battle won. Implementing the project and knowing when to ship it to the client ensures a decisive victory. Nathan displays a certain maturity in understanding this loop, and learns through his mistakes. His discipline and evolving work processes continue to drive him ahead.

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It’s not the writing part that’s hard. What’s hard is sitting down to write.
— Steven Pressfield

Comfort zones are rightly the worst enemy of folks who create. Nathan, however, has got it all figured out. He draws inspiration from the art forms he follows, organizes an outlet for excess energy through exercise regimes and seeks to learn through every experience presented to him. Nathan understands the nature of short lived competition, yet uses that to improve his delivery and win. He leverages collaboration opportunities to contribute jointly to the delivery, thus making it mutually beneficial. He switches off, albeit for a short while, ensuring it keeps him focused and calm.

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A problem solver at heart, Nathan cultivates a minimalist approach towards his work and his life. His work desk has been immaculately planned, with gadgets carefully chosen to help him thrive - complete with two screens and the best noise canceling headphones he could find. He notes down ideas on post it notes, and keeps a few magazines close for reference and continued inspiration. There is a significant amount of talent, thought and effort that goes into his every creation - yet Nathan is an unassuming boy next door. Clearly, his simplicity adds to the brilliance.