Micheline Gil

Micheline, aged 46, has been transcending the creative art in New York with her colorful abstract paintings, expressing everyday emotions through the work that she shares.

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“I was born in Recife-Pe Brazil and had a beautiful childhood. My mother was a very creative woman, I guess this is how I get my artistic background. I never went to school for art, this is my second year of painting. I really love it, makes me feel at peace with myself.  There’s this notion in our culture and others having to have a artistic license to do something inventive or imaginative with your art, which represents one of the biggest (and dumbest) obstacles to adventurous creativity I know. So everytime I feel squeamish about trying something new in art, I remember that there are no actual obstacles preventing me from fully expressing myself, except for the ones in my head that I am learning to defeat.”

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Growing up, Micheline lived in an area that was always sunny and showcased multi color buildings and clothing. Although she grew up in a place where people didn't have much money, “they were still happy and courageous”. With attributes similar to her fellow Brazilian neighbors, Micheline believes her work as an artist is to bring hope and happiness to people. “I am very sensitive to any tragedy. I don’t like to see people suffering, it makes me sad. I get happy if I make someone happy and this is the reason I paint”. As her art network continued to grow in her new home of New York City, Micheline discovered ArtUnited, a global network of social justice artists.

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“ArtUnited is a political home for artists who carry the torch of social justice, either because of their own sense of angst and urgency, or their direct experience with oppression in their own communities. As an ArtUnited member, Micheline's work contextualizes social justice by examining identity and the chaos of being. Like all social justice agents, she and other members of the group find affinity with the organization's vision because of their own narrative identities. It is a statement against a world that continually undermines, marginalizes and isolates people because of who and how they are.” (Lola Ibrahim, co founder of ArtUnited)

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Micheline was drawn to ArtUnited shortly after 2016 US presidential election. ArtUnited organized an exhibition titled Radical Resistance to Xenophobia, in light of “the xenophobic and anti-immigrant sentiment, as well as a direct response to disparaging public comments on immigrants.” (Lola Ibrahim, Co-Founder of ArtUnited)

The success of this exhibit was due to exceptional themes showcasing multiculturalism, diversity and sanctuary - while at the same time showcasing artists’ interpretation of the society we live in. Micheline was a key contributor. Her featured works - Lonley, Lilly and Love Song - depicted a bold, striking intensity and a memorable interpretation of the immigrant experience - “the loss and longing for home” - all of which unites us through the experience of being human.

Micheline’s drive to share her life experiences and those of others - especially through the complex eyes of society - constitutes her work. It is exhibited at the upcoming multi-city series presented by ArtUnited, Creative Disruption: A Visual Protest for Social Change, catalyzes dialogue through the language of contemporary art. Micheline thanks ArtUnited for being a beautiful and an organized platform that helps artists like her get their name out there.

Over the next few years, ArtUnited will continue to give artists like Micheline a chance to elevate their voices and milieus in desperate parts of the globe. Hoping to organise events in different countries one day, ArtUnited strives to connect the dots to tell stories of the struggles for justice around the world.


Lola Ibrahim - Co-Founder of Art United

Micheline Gil- ArtUnited artist

Story curated by Clarissa Gordon

Written by Sushrut Munje