Krystian Niko

“People just think too much, but don’t do much.”

A conversation with Krystian Niko is as honest as his photography. We explore what made him pick up the camera for the first time and evolve into the magnificent talent in Travel Photography, that he is. “You have got to do something with what you have now,” Krystian makes his point amply clear. He is a man of action, and a doer in true sense.

Photography happened by chance, as he sought to help his friend launch a YouTube channel. Clicking images was an urgent need then, and our protagonist had to pick up the camera and get stuff done. His work turned out to be exceptional for an amateur, and the folks around asked him to focus on and appreciate the good art he was creating. Thus acknowledging the skill he seemed to be natural at, Krystian approached the photography community to sharpen it further.

People just think too much, but don’t do much.

Hailing from a small city near Kraków (Poland), traveling back to his home town has been akin to a delightful time travel. Subtle experiences in poverty were the highlight of growing up in Poland, which helped him appreciate the rare simplicity in the way people live. His grandmother means everything to him, and has been a major inspiration. Sharing the virtues of a traditional upbringing, in which she played a major role, he underlines the importance of gratitude and the role of integrity. “Be grateful for being blessed with hands and feet,” he focuses on the basics. This, perhaps, aided his razor sharp approach towards his work, where delivery matters above theory.

Intense and emotional, Krystian works towards living a healthy mix of his creative pursuits - which include photography, videography, sports and music. While he agrees that switching off from the grind is essential for consistent output, he also makes sure to stay away from his comfort zone in order to better himself. “You could learn everything if you want to,” Krystian explains, as he narrates how the constant pursuit made him follow all his interests with a definite diligence. It was this sincere, set jaw that helped him learn the nuances of a photo editing software, which he was utterly new to.

Krystian's is an inspiring tale, as a photographer who wakes up everyday with a certain hunger and a passion to deliver. From him, we learn that the happiness can be found at the core of our existence. From him, we learn that inspiration and his immense talent is all about the fundamental effort we put in, given the circumstances. Photography is all about the way one views the world through their lens, and Krystian offers a refreshingly frank perspective.