Mascha Kuhn on the Kintsugi way of life.

Growing up in Russia played a major role in shaping Mascha’s perspective towards life. A graduate in law and a passionate photographer, she has learned how to not take life for granted, and she has learned it the hard way. Understanding her story reminds me of the Japanese art of repair known as ‘Kintsugi’ (golden joinery) - which accepts repair of a surface as a part of its history, and not something to be disguised. It explains that a piece is now more beautiful for having been broken and repaired. We are what we are because what we have been through, and few individuals express it as nonchalantly as Mascha does.

Masha Kuhn

The early years in Russia were hard. It is when one struggles for the basic necessities, that one realises the true value of little joys which surround us. The hard knocks that she experienced early on built Mascha up. She is driven by personal expression and intends to leave a lasting legacy. Mascha chooses to study and work on aspects which peak her curiosity, which bring her closer to her goals.

The decision to pursue a degree in law was due to a realisation that her existing knowledge isn’t sufficient. She finds the study of law to be intense and dynamic, and is glad that she can now interact with people established in the subject with ease. Also a keen reader of books on Psychology, she seeks to understand human thought patterns better. It is heartening to notice her cheer on learning something new. This highlights her pursuit of knowledge and personal growth.

Golden Joinery Mascha Kuhn
Waking up to something that you really like, something that your soul burns for
— Mascha Kuhn
Mascha Kuhn photography

Mascha seeks out new experiences, and enjoys travel. Her skills in photography and videography align with her desire to showcase the diversity that surrounds us. It pushes her to create art. She thrives in understanding the local culture, habits, languages and traditions. She seeks out conversations about the way people live their lives. Travelling for her is an immersive activity, and she only aims to do more of it.

Mascha leads a healthy life. She works on waking up early, and is building up her affection for nutritious food. She thinks deeply on the nature of human dreams and wishes - and how they come about. She talks passionately on how small regrets manifest into larger roles in life - and how people often let go of a love affair which could have, perhaps, bloomed well. She goes to the base of our desire and talks about what leads to self sabotage. “Kids are so expressive,” she says, “and it is so sad how adults destroy their own dreams.”

Mascha Kuhn art
Artist Mascha Kuhn

It is inspiring how she looks beyond the material delivery of one’s work, and transverses the human perspective in all matters. “Waking up to something that you really like, something that your soul burns for,” is how Mascha defines success. Her personal ambition goes beyond money. She would rather build her family a home, with all the warmth and love. Offering the keys to her Mum, she would want to say - “Go inside, it is all yours.”

We won’t want it any other way either.