Madhur Sharma

A take on Madhur Sharma and his incredible fitness transformation.

Madhur set up a training schedule consisting of a good run, swimming and weight training. From waking up at 4 AM to train before work, to training again once back home from work - Madhur found solace in stepping out of his self defined boundaries. He remembers the fear for change, the fear for what seemed impossible. The self imposed restrictions, the sum of all his fears, had always held him back from all adventures. He recognized how fear was stopping him, and used that instead to fuel his hunger and exercise harder. Every morning, as he jumped out of his bed and into his Adidas gear - there was nothing that held him back.

Madhur sees his transformation as a symbol for how his thought processes significantly evolved. All the pain he underwent while pushing his limits was channeled to only to drive him ahead. This was a new self, creating a brave new world. All the fear he had experienced, had changed to staunch self belief. Despite all the marathon medals that adorned his room, he could not wait to cross the fabled mark of 140.6 miles - the full length of an Ironman Triathlon. Madhur inspires a tale of a step change in your way of life - a tale of how nothing is impossible.

Madhur Sharma is currently training for the Ironman Triathlon. For someone who used to weigh 108 kgs till recently, this would not have been an easy task. We are keen to understand him, and the grit behind what has been achieved. A brief conversation sheds light on how belief can defy all perceived odds.

He does not take kindly to the corporate rat race, believing that to sap humans off all desire to step beyond their comfort zone. Having been a part of the corporate culture built around routine and complacency, he makes a slight reference to the uncertain job climate. Madhur feels strongly for creative freedom and self expression, he wonders how an individual can succumb to the fear of rejection in a work environment. Isn’t it supposed to be an environment to thrive in? It was a realization that his current unfit and obese state was unacceptable, which represented the unhealthy way of life and thought. He felt a compelling need to break out of the mundane - it had to affect his current will and the lifestyle his body was used to. A rigorous training regime to build mental and physical strength was the answer. There was fear, something he knew he had to tackle.