Sonam Babani

A sharp looking girl, impeccably dressed with a mouth unafraid to leash and passionately defend her passion for fashion. Amongst the damsels in distress, she is a damsel in Dior. Meet Fashioneiress.

Sonam Babani is the face behind the popular luxury fashion blog, Fashioneiress. After studying in London and working briefly at Vogue, Sonam decided to start her own blog primarily due to the freedom for creative expression that it would allow. Sonam chose an entrepreneurial path rather than a traditional career in an established fashion agency, because she believes that fashion is an individualistic pursuit. Anybody can be “fashionable”, if they are truly expressing their inner self. She wanted her own voice amidst a mainstream consumer culture in the industry.

Fashion to me isn’t about keeping up with the latest fads, rather it is your entire way of being. It is not only a façade of how you present yourself, but also a choice of how you express your innermost self to the world. It’s an art more than a business.

Sonam works with a range of renowned brands, from luxury to jewelry, wellness, swimwear, skincare, make up, accessories and the like. Although her collaborations cover every facet of aesthetic appeal, she limits herself in terms of the brands and products she showcases, simply because everything does not appeal to her personal aesthetic. She started her blog with the aim of being an influencer comfortable in her own, individualistic skin and encourages everybody to portray themselves in a manner that feels most comfortable to them.

Being uncomfortable isn’t fashionable.

With different styles and options, how does the average person connect with the latest trends, learn more, find what works for them and make himself or herself look and feel as attractive as possible no matter what their style?

Fashioneiress Sonam Babani
The devil is in the details.

The devil wears Prada and exists in the details. Sonam believes that it doesn’t matter what one chooses to wear or how they present themselves, but the care and attention paid to the details always show. “It’s the little things,” she says. Holding true to this sentiment, Sonam herself pays great attention to intricacies seen in her party planning, travel packing, outfit accessorizing or life in general.

She will always have a list down to the littlest elements, which can be found on her latest blog post on planning the perfect baby shower or completing her own outfit with well-suited makeup and several of her famous ornately designed personal rings. Her photo shoots and blog posts also cover outfit details, which she discusses in great depth such as the visual impact that that a tie dye print creates or the effect of spikes on her heeled shoes.

Offbeat, aesthetically pleasing and everyday luxury are this voracious style enthusiast’s buzzwords. Sonam also enjoys travelling as it gives her a fresh eye into developing her personal inspiration and statement.

Fashion Influencer Sonam Babani
It is the best way to learn more about what is out there in the world, and develop your own personality, voice and statement amidst the chaos.

Sonam enjoys delving deep into cultures. Rather than looking at generic global trends and stores, she gains inspiration by visiting the local markets wherever she travels. A treasured piece in her wardrobe is a beautiful seashell necklace in Bali, made by locals using natural local resources.

They’re pieces I’ll have in my wardrobe for life,” she gushes.

Sonam collects fashion ‘souvenirs’ and vintage trinkets from different towns and cities and also encourages this type of open minded, uninhabited exploration to her subscribers to truly aid discovery of voice and develop a layer of personal richness based on unique life experiences.