Ranveer Allahbadia on chubby childhood to beer biceps.

Ranveer ‘Beer Biceps’ Allahbadia shares his incredible journey, from a chubby childhood to YouTube stardom.

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Life presented him with unexpected opportunities. An avid sportsperson since school, Ranveer was a champion at Judo, choosing the martial art over cricket. His diet had it all, leading him to being overweight. A gallstone complication led to a wake up call, and Ranveer decided to get back in shape. Shoulder injuries introduced him to fitness coach Binny Sreedharan, who had him hooked to powerlifting. From 90 kilos, Ranveer slimmed down to 70, ripped and muscular. During this time, while working on an internet business idea, Ranveer recognised the need to have an influencer representing the concept. Since he offered an inspiring transformation story himself, ‘Beer Biceps’ went live on YouTube - sharing health tips and regimes for optimum fitness.

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People will mock you, no matter what you do. It is crucial to toe the line you have mapped out for yourself, and learn from all mistakes.

Serendipity - how everything came together in a delightful manner. His school had always encouraged extracurricular activities and laid emphasis on overall development of students, asking all children to take up 2 activities outside of textbook education. This helped him focus on sports in addition to academics. His excellent academic record helped him gain admission to one of the best engineering colleges Mumbai (India) has to offer, while his consistent performance in the field aided a holistic perspective. “Thanks to lessons in focus while practising Judo, I could study better at school.” The rote method of teaching engineering in India did not sit too well with him, and the evening gym sessions served as a subtle escape, a form of meditation. At Beer Biceps, his passion for filmmaking and fitness came together to form a viable business - while staying grounded and being authentic. Thus representing the value system Ranveer stands for.

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“People will mock you, no matter what you do. It is crucial to toe the line you have mapped out for yourself, and learn from all mistakes.” Ranveer identified a gap in the Indian fitness media, and created content catering to the local audience. By including relevant examples and local vegetarian food items - the content he created soon grew in popularity. The first major hurdle was to grow from 200 followers to 2000 followers - and Ranveer kept going by being consistent. He uploads two videos a week, and has not missed a single date for the last two years.

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It is sheer honesty and evident transparency that keeps winning Beer Biceps followers and views. “An audience needs to be respected, their attention needs to be valued. Commercial promotions are stated to be so, and fees are not accepted to influence a health related discussion.” Not unlike being a good human being in a society, Ranveer is a keen listener of online trends and tracks his viewers’ chatter.

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His schedule drives us crazy. He works 7 days a week, from 12 noon to midnight, though he confesses that this might soon change to accommodate a certain social endeavour. Beer Biceps has grown to achieve a fair amount of stability, though it still revolves around brand Ranveer. The steady inflow of business allows Ranveer to start work on another enterprise - one that manages day to day business for video bloggers and content development companies. Putting his innate understanding of this sector to work, it is impressive of Ranveer to branch out and build a solid platform based on his learning lessons till date. Hailing from a family of doctors, the workaholic seed is strong. Ranveer likens his journey to self exploration, as he chooses to look within and continues on a path that makes him happy. “It is crucial to enjoy one’s work.”

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What stands out is his relentless pursuit of self determined goals, and stark humility. With beer and biceps, Ranveer brought the best of two worlds together, communicating the need to balance pleasure with discipline. As he indulges in sumptuous delicacies at his favorite joints and burns all calories the following day through cardiovascular exercises - Ranveer inspires hope for this writer, who has gorged only on delicious desserts this weekend.