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ICC - Harnessing Light with Trupal Pandya


About Trupal

Trupal Pandya stumbled into photography 9 years ago while touring India’s hinterland, DSLR in hand. What began as a hobby eventually transitioned into a full-time career and overwhelming passion. He went on to study Photography at Fashion Institute of  Technology, NY and had the chance to intern under Magnum photographer Steve McCurry, well-known for his iconic photograph ‘Afghan Girl’. Trupal’s work has been featured in publications such as CNN, Huffington Post, and National Geographic. From refugees in Iraq to headhunters in Nagaland to the tribes in Omo Valley, Ethiopia, Trupal not only documents the lives of rarely seen communities but more importantly connects with them as well. He believes in diving deep into the world of whomever he interacts with. For him, photography is just 5% of his work. The rest is the process behind the photograph. Trupal’s ethos-be authentic and sensitive-is clearly seen in his photography style . It is that thrill of showing the world what we don’t see every day that encouraged him to continue his journey and pursue a career as a documentary and a portrait photographer.



Workshop Schedule

Day 0 - 30.11.18 / Friday / 8.00 PM

An intimate evening of story-telling by Trupal Pandya about his time on the field followed by a formal dinner. We will also be joined with many other photographers from the industry. 

Day 1 - 1.12.18 / Saturday / 9.00 AM

Indoor Studio Photography Secrets: Editorial, Fashion, and Lifestyle

  1. How to choose light

  2. Why use artificial light

  3. Shaping Light

  4. The art of photography

  5. Fashion, Lifestyle and Portrait Lighting

Day 2 - 2.12.18 / Sunday / 9.00 AM

Street Photography and Lighting Techniques

  1. Balancing natural and artificial light

  2. Lighting on-location

  3. Street Photography

  4. Travel and Documentary Photography

  5. Workflow

  6. Data Management



This workshop is about light and how to harness its power both in a controlled environment and a chaotic space.

Lighting & composition

  • Hands-on training for on-site photography

  • Learn the art of natural and professional lighting

Style & genre

  • Become exposed to multiple styles of photography: Documentary, Street, Travel, and Portraiture

Professional equipment training

  • Work with top-level gear from industry leaders like Profoto, Nikon/Canon, and Manfrotto

Post-production & retouching

  • What to do in post-production

  • Learn how to use software such as Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, and Bridge

Workflow procedures & data management

  • Learn how to effectively manage data for storing and archiving photographs

Location :

Cedar Avenue, Chattarpur Farms (exact location will be shared with the final applicants )

Total cost of the workshop :

Rs. 30,000 + 18% GST

Please fill in the form to apply :

Note - Limited no. of seats are available and applicants will be selected on the basis of their work.

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Earlier Event: November 30
ICC - Trupal Pandya Workshop Dinner