Endless To Black

Dusk and dawn. He is wearing sunglasses from Ray Ban, polo neck from HnM, watch from TomTom & Adidas Original - Superstar.

Thriving in absolutes. She is wearing sunglasses from Ray Ban, a dress from Zara and shoes from Adidas Originals - Superstar

Monochrome is a statement against chaos, a step back to the basics. Black is the colour of mystique and creation, white balances it out with nothingness that ever seems full. The apparel chosen spells comfort, with a nod towards the finer aesthetic that keeps us on the edge yet one with our bodies.

For an old school saunter. She is wearing a dress from Zara and Adidas Originals - Superstar.

The apparel spells simplicity, a complete absence of frill that accompanies a consumerist mindset. Borrowing from the British punk style is an ode to individuality amidst any risk of being stereotyped.Associating with trendsetting brands, here’s us laying out what’s coming around the corner for street fashion in Summer 2018.

Models : Madhur Sharma  Priyanka Goel  

Styled by Priyanka Goel 

Photographed by Shulabh Gupta

Written by Sushrut Munje