Art Should Tempt, Vol. 02



In this volume we unearth, and explore narratives about people, places, and culture that we have become habitual to, and tend to go unmarked. What aspects of daily life are we failing to see? What music have we not paid attention to? What places can be re-interpreted?

Devica Sharma’s profile exemplifies how people are made up of contradictory and hidden layers—the issue aims to tease out such fragments from stories hitherto unseen. Karl Lutchmayer makes us re-listen to Beethoven in new ways, and Esteban Diacono’s addictive animations lets us glimpse the creative world of—often overlooked—of motion design. Photography, through the work of George Byrne and Elaheh Rafatbakhsh, reveals its potential to defamiliarize everyday spaces and known locations. We also take a tour of, and juxtapose the small-scale cottage industries of Banaras and Bhadohi. Our conversations with Doodlage, and Pahadi Local, among others, inspire us to revitalize the quotidian aspects of life. Through a mix of reportage and interviews the magazine mines art and design from all over the world: Pietro Barone from Italy, Petra Eriksson from Barcelona, Jen Collins from Scotland, and Maegan Stracy from Los Angeles.

Print available - Rs.1600/-