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Art Should Tempt : Gathering Oct '18


Art Should Tempt (AST) is a magazine that features handpicked individuals/brands/places in the creative and cultural design space - while following a distinct style of photography and writing.

30 creatives gather to network organically. The idea is - by the time you leave the venue, you make 30 new friends who can be valuable contacts in future. Yes, its networking but not how you think it usually happens ! Its not a party, just a group of new friends hanging and showcasing their talents.

If you wish to display your work on the projector while explaining what you do, you will have 3 mins to present. Its not compulsory but a choice if you are comfortable being on stage.

For any questions call on : +91-9811371819 ( please dont call after midnight )

Details :

Its a BYOB so bring a bottle of your favourite booze and your networking game faces !

Dress code :

Smart Casuals

Where :

Farm no. 12

The Greens, Rajokri, New Delhi-110038

Entry at : 6.30 PM

Gates close : 7.15 PM

Opening Note : 7.30 PM

Networking Starts : 8.00 PM

Gathering Ends : 11.00 PM

Please fill in the form below :

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You are allowed 3 mins to address everyone and showcase your work on the projector.
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